4 November 14:00 - 15:00Digital event

Are the several perspectives of packaging recyclability all really on board? Join in from wherever you are and let the speakers guide you through the essential aspects of recyclable packaging that need to be considered through the entire end to end process when designing solutions for the circular economy:

  • Cristina Lugli (Ecol Studio SpA) is going to introduce you into the technical matters of recyclability and cellulose-based materials.
  • Ulf Tillman (RDM Group) will be voicing the industry's perspective by focusing on the implications of recycling paper and board and the added value it creates along the supply chain.
  • Finally, Francesca Mostardini (Pack-co) will talk about the ongoing shift in packaging to design for recycling and the challenges for producers and consumers in managing the end-of-life of packaging responsibly.

As per usual, we will finish off with an open Q&A session. Tune-in from wherever you are to hear member stories, learn and connect!

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Consuelo Giordani
Managing Director @ Ecol Studio Consulting AB

Consuelo is the Managing Director of Ecol Studio Consulting AB and consultant for product safety and compliance of food contact materials and articles. She is also a proud member of the steering group of Packbridge Fempack network for professional females in the packaging industry.

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Cristina Lugli
Technical Key Account Manager for the Paper & Board market @ Ecol Studio SpA

Cristina is a Technical Key Account Manager for the Paper & Board market in Ecol Studio SpA. Supporting companies in compliance-related issues and product analytical assessment and development. Chemist, involved in National and European Working Groups on paper and board.

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Francesca Mostardini
Food Packaging Expert; Professor @ University of Parma and University of Camerino

Francesca is a Food Packaging Expert, involved in scientific study groups on packaging in Italy, and Professor at the Master of Packaging at the University of Parma and at the Master of Innovative Materials at the University of Camerino. Specialising in the design for Safety (food contact compliance and risk assessment) and design for Environment of food packaging materials.

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Ulf Tillman
Director Innovation & Sustainability @ Reno De Medici Group

Ulf is the Director Innovation & Sustainability at RDM Group (Reno De Medici). Before joining RDM worked as Project Leader in Packaging Development at IKEA of Sweden and held positions in the area of Sustainability in Pulp&Paper leader companies.

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Welcome from Packbridge

Svetlana Eskebaek, Packbridge



Consuelo Giordani, Ecol Studio Consulting AB

Main criteria for the recyclability of a cellulose-based packaging

Cristina Lugli, Ecol Studio SpA


Recyclability of paper and board an opportunity to boost circular economy from the industrial perspective

Ulf Tillman, Reno De Medici Group


Recyclability from designing to end of life

Francesca Mostardini, University of Parma and University of Camerino


Q&A, wrap up and conclusions


About Ecol Studio: Ever since 1982 Ecol Studio has helped companies grow and implement sustainable development policies by offering innovative, customised products and timely, high value-added solutions.

All you need to know:

When: November 4, 14:00-15:00

Where: Wherever you are - this is a digital event 

For whom: This event is for members of Packbridge

Language: This event will be held in English 

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